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Dime Cartridges are a cut above the rest. Our top class vape line is by no means reducing with PG, PEG or VG. Rather, mixed with our THC distillate are natural terpene blends formulated from hashish traces. Our emblem’s unique cartridges and batteries have been specifically engineered around our nice oil, as our 90%+ THC oil calls for patented era and one of the strongest batteries available on the market to provide the heady clouds we’re acknowledged for. All of our Dime Cartridges are hand packed with special care from our manufacturing team, ensuring consistency and fine. revel in the distinction by using touring certainly one of our relied on retail partners. Our cannabis related products are fully licensed by way of the state of California, and all substances we use are registered and mentioned from seed to sale through California growers and distributors.

All of our herbal, hashish-derived terpene blends are specially formulated to supply the first-class recovery revel in specific to every of your preferred traces.  All of our cartridges are hand filled with special care from our manufacturing group, ensuring consistency and best. Then they go through a 7 day steeping cycle to ensure the exceptional hit. Our hashish associated merchandise are completely licensed by using the kingdom of California, and all materials we use are registered and said from seed to sale via California growers and distributors.


Tastes and smells regular

Very smooth pulls with huge smoke clouds

The excessive is very fine


Dime carts strains | Flavors

Strawberry Cough: This sativa will make you cough your socks off! With juicy, robust strawberry taste and hash undertones, this one keeps you coming returned each single time. Blueberry Lemon Haze: A cross between tasty lemon haze and clean blueberries, this tasty mix is an instantaneous all-time favored. Revel in the tart, complex, fruity taste and wander off in the haze.

Jack Fruit: A great balance of indica & sativa. This tropical-tasting Jack Herer hybrid offers an uplifting buzz with simply enough sweet fruity taste to leave you glad.

Dime Cartridges OG: Dime OG is our signature actual-fire, pure OG extract. Widely appeared by using many as the most effective OG Kush strain acknowledged to guy. Experience responsibly.

Peach Kush: produced from kushy undertones, a sweet peachy body & a creamy end, this blend is incredibly of a house favored & virtually an all-day vape.

wedding Cake: whether you’re reminiscing about your special day, or craving a candy treat, this herbal mix of sugar & cream will leaving you begging for extra.

Forbidden Fruit: This cherry pie, tangie go is fairly of a nearby legend. The combination of sweet tropic culmination blended with cherry & a hint of pines make this perhaps the maximum delicate, modern flavor ever invented.

Bubble Gum Kush: This robust indica would possibly just go away you sofa-locked. The nostalgic bubblegum flavor of your formative years blends perfectly with the OG Kush extract to create a sweet and pleasing experience.

Apple Gelato: A combination of apples & fruity cakes provide this stress its name. The intricate mix makes you feel like you’re at grandma’s house chewing down on her scrumptious All-American apple pie.

Watermelon: With this mixture, we started with a candy watermelon frame & topped it off with a hint of cucumber and grape. The result is a groovy, candy, all-day-taste that keeps you refreshed any time.

The packaging obstructs the cartridge and that i couldn’t see that my cartridge was damaged earlier than i bought it. Appears a bit humorous on most common 510 thread batteries. It needs to be kept upright whilst you keep it or it bubbles into the mouthpiece. The cartridge feels very excessive excellent and it’s miles very quite to have a look at. It’s quite heavy due to the metallic and glass but i suppose that’s an amazing aspect. There are air-holes on either facet of the bottom of the cartridge. those air-holes provide air drift and allow for massive clouds and smooth hits. Now not to say the pleasurable hiss they make as I vape. Inspite of slight damage and a minor leak my cartridge holds up with superb best universal.

The most effective hassle is storing the cartridge

The best trouble i have with my Dime cartridge is it appears to be leaking due to some harm to the frame. however I realize now that because of the cartridge’s design, it desires to be stored up-right. If i don’t store it upright, the oil seeps into the chamber after which into the mouthpiece. This isn’t too large of a deal, but on my first hit the new listen bubbled through the mouthpiece and burned my tongue.

The oil within the Dime Cartridges is a first-rate distillate

The oils inside the Dime Industries cartridges are distillates. i’ve by no means been keen on distillates because maximum of them are harsh on my throat. but this particular cartridge has one of the smoothest smokes I ever had. I didn’t cross hoarse from smoking it again and again and it doesn’t hit warm.

Every now and then i am getting a sour aftertaste or slight headache from smoking some distillates, which turned into the case with the timeless Vapes cartridge I had tested formerly. The Dime cartridge isn’t giving me headaches, but, and it doesn’t get my battery all hot.

The distillate inside my Dime cartridge become tested at a completely excellent 85.sixty eight% THC. It best took two solid hits earlier than I start feeling the effects. The high is very uplifting, like a Sativa ought to be, and it lasts for an excellent 3 hours. at the beginning, the high seems truely light, but then it begins to snowball and it gets very sturdy. The Dime battery is the Ying to the Yang to our 1000mg Dime Tank. This battery isn’t always like any of the batteries you can have used in the beyond. the first factor you will be aware is that it’s miles thicker than most batteries. The reason for this, is we have introduced a bigger mAh battery with turbo raise to warmth the Tank to 415 Fahrenheit inside one second. We designed our battery as a ONE temp placing (can’t exchange the voltage) as our tank requires greater strength than what other batteries can offer.

Battery light Indicator:

Green Light – 100%-75% battery life

Blue Light – 74%-40% battery life

Red Light – Time to charge

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